Elaphite islands

On the western side of Dubrovnik, in its immediate surroundings there is the finest Dubrovnik archipelago called Elaphite (in Greek meaning the Deer Islands), closely bound to Dubrovnik and its entire past. The islands are very beautiful, and they seem to be constant guardians of the sea and coast; they have always been the home of the brave captains and sailorsof the Dubrovnik Republic and the present Dubrovnik. The islands are called Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan, Jakljan and Olip.

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 Elaphite Islands – Mysterious islands near Dubrovnik

If you are looking for a relaxing Mediterranean holiday, hotels and apartments on Elaphite Islands near Dubrovnik in Croatia are your ideal choice. These islands are located in the western part of the country and are a very popular destination. Their name is derived from the Greek word elaphos, meaning deer, which the locals hunted on the islands during the ancient times. Out of 14 islands, only three are inhabited: Lopud, Koločep and Šipan. The Elaphite Islands can be reached from Dubrovnik by a daily ferry service by Jadrolinija. There’s also a passenger boat travelling from Dubrovnik to the Elaphite Islands to accommodate tourists in the summer.

Koločep, a 15-minute ferry ride away from Dubrovnik, is the smallest among the inhabited islands. It is known for its olive groves, century-old pine groves and the gorgeous beaches. Among the places to see are the old churches, ruins and the summer residences on the island. Lopud is the second largest in the archipelago and can be reached in 40 minutes by ferry. It’s famous for its gardens of lemon and orange tree, as well as for its wonderful beaches. Šipan is the largest among the inhabited Elaphite Islands, and also has its fair share of old architecture, green cypress groves, summer residences of the aristocracy and beautiful beaches. This island is about one hour away from Dubrovnik.

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One great way to spend the holiday is to take a scenic cruise of the Elaphite Islands, where tourists can enjoy the panoramic coastal views. They can also enjoy traditional Croatian and Mediterranean food and wine while being entertained by local musicians. Aside from cruises and hotels, there are several apartments available on Elaphite Islands near Dubrovnik, Croatia, to suit any budget of those visitors who want to tour the islands.

Unfortunately, there is no classic hostel on the island of Lopud, but there are numerous private apartments and rooms, which are relevant replacement for hostels where guests can get a great value for their money. Apartments on Elaphite Islands near Dubrovnik in Croatia can be booked in advance. Most tourists prefer to book in advance especially during the busy summer season to get the best deals and find the best location. Aside from offering a few savings, spending a holiday in apartments on Elaphite Islands near Dubrovnik, Croatia, is one of the best ways to experience the laidback atmosphere typical of Adriatic life.



The Island of Lopud is situated only 7 n/m, or 50-minute boat ride from the Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik. This is the island where the beauty found its place for a holiday and decided to stay here forever. Lopud belongs to the group of Elaphite Islands. It is the second largest in the archipelago and one of three islands that are inhabited. Lopud has the total surface area of 4.63 km2 and has about 200 inhabitants.

This oasis of peace and beauty is attractive and popular because of the numerous sandy beaches, rocky paths through the mysterious forests rich in green, olive groves and vineyards. Lopud is known for its old stone houses, traditional cuisine and breathtaking views of the unforgettable sunsets which are sure to stir up the romance in any heart.


Do you remember the last time you were away from traffic noise and smell of motor vehicles? You can experience just that on Lopud where bikes and electric cars are the main means of transportation, because motor vehicles are prohibited. So, you have the opportunity to enjoy the forgotten scent of unspoilt nature and forget about the tedious daily routine.